Friday, May 29, 2009

Before I go to sleep.

Currently, around the web, you can find some great and exciting sales. Some have just started, while others have been going on for a few weeks. But whatever their current status, they are all worth checking out.

Although there's an extensive list of site, I have only added the ones that are worth look at right now. They include,, and

A few fashion wants include;
Safari jacket from Theory. Available at Barneys. (RTP $495. Now $299)
Acne Suede Boots. Available at Opening Ceremony. Available at Opening Ceremony. (RTP $500. Now $350)

Embrace the summer in this Opening Ceremony Blue Short Sleeved Button Down. Available at Opening Ceremony. (RTP $220. Now $110)

or this Band of Outsiders Pink Short Sleeved Button Down. Available at Eluxury. (RTP $215. Now $219)

I'll add to the list tomorrow morning, as well as some more images of the items that have caught my eye and deserve some added attention.

I just go gaga for deals. Hope you do too.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My apologies.

I just wanted to apologize for not posting for almost a week. First I left for a four day trip. Then once I returned, I just wasn't feeling very forward. So my blog just got neglected. However, I feel awful and although there were some minor tendencies in the past, I will make sure that I don't stop sharing my thoughts and ideas in time to come. it's vital!!!

I hope that the few of you that follow won't abandon ship and stay true to not only my forward fashion, but to your own.

In the morning I will make sure I'm back sharing some more interesting ideas, plus some recent deals/purchases that I've made.

Kind Regards,

The Foreigner

PS: I'll leave you with a little recent purchase starts with Thom, and ends in Brown!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get in my pocket...LV Cup edition.

Although I might not have a steady income to fill it with, I can't help but search for the next great wallet to fill my pocket...and I might have found a runner up.

While searching through, I came across this LV Cup 2007 Edition credit card business card holder. The wallet is usually only available to VIPs and never sold in any LV store. However, Malleries has now made it possible for us "commoners" to get a little VIP treatment.
Authentic Louis Vuitton Card Case Wallet Cup 2007 Ltd
Authentic Louis Vuitton Card Case Wallet Cup 2007 Ltd
The wallet has an interior slot for large bills and a smaller compartment for credit cards, and sells for $299.

For added VIP treatment, Malleries is also selling this blue LV Cup Silk Scarf.
Authentic Louis Vuitton Cup 100% Silk Scarf VIP
Authentic Louis Vuitton Cup 100% Silk Scarf VIP
The scarf is made in Italy with 100% twilled silk, hand rolled machine stitched hem, and sells for $140.


" is a premier online luxury mall uniting the most trusted and prestigious luxury dealers featuring the hottest designers, must-have trends, online exclusives and accessories." -

Norway Says....home sweet home.

Lately I've truly been missing Norway and can't help but get excited whenever I encounter something Norwegian. So when I stumbled across Norway Says, my eyes lit up like a kid's at a candy store.

This award winning design firm based out of Oslo, has taken an innovative approach to urban living , while in the process, catapulting Norwegian and Nordic design back on the map.

Norway Says, which started out as a furniture business, has expanded its repertoire to include glass, lamps, electronics and textile design; making them one of the most dynamic and successful design teams in the Nordic region. I just love everything they make.

Take this "PANCRAS" chair for instance. It would make a perfect addition to my living room. It's simple yet sexy. What more can you ask for...
maybe also this "MAN" couch.
and lets top it off with this "CYCLOS" lamp.

Norway is Fashion Forward.

Heia Norge!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fashion look-for-less.

I just loved this look when I saw it in the New York Times the other day. But although I get a lot of my inspiration through fashion mags, one can't always afford those exact pieces. Especially in this day-an-age.

And although some of the items above aren't so pricey, there are still some other options out there.
This look will cost you $858, as opposed to the first look, which would set you back $3,429.

So remember, being fashion forward doesn't have to cost you your livelihood.

The LOVA shorts are on.

So I couldn't wait. I needed to try on my shorts and see if it lived up to my expectations....and in the end, I wasn't disappointed. These shorts feature a flat front styling with medium rise and button bound pockets in the back. So it's like wearing your suit pants, but with a little more leg action.

The LOVA trouser short works perfect whether I want to be a little dressed up, or if I just feel like throwing on a t-shirt. So no matter what you choose, you will be fashion forward.

I'm wearing a buton down from Tiger of Sweden, a t-shirt from Morphine Generation, shorts from LOVA, shoes by Generic Man, and watch by Tsovet.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring deals from Barneys.

Barney's began their Spring sale today and are adding some great discounts to designers like Alexander McQueen and Paul Smith.

I wouldn't mind getting my hands on this short sleeved button down from Alexander McQueen for $189.

or these pastel green jeans from Levis Capital E for $99.

There is just so much that I want....

Utah inspiration.

I have always been hesitant when crediting Utah for the any real fashion sense. But once in a while we find that Utah inspires us. I really want to invest in a nice brief case or tote for when I'm out looking for a job. And 00o00 reminded me a while back about the Utah line from Louis Vuitton so I though I'd show you some that are on my want list.

Also, I thought I'd show you one of those wants that nothing more than pure wants.

The orange Stephen Sprouse tribute from Marc Jacobs for LV. Just wish it didn't cost $1,600.

Monday, May 18, 2009

LOVA the shorts.

The shorts are finally here and they were everything I expected them to be, and then some. Trying to find the perfect pair of shorts has not been an easy affair. Either they are too long or too baggy. But LOVA knows what I want and have delivered. These trouser shorts are just the perfect fit and I can't wait to wear them out.

And even though they are from the SS 09' collection, I still got a good deal at Tobi. A 45% deal at that. Not bad for being the start of spring.

Just received my bag from McQueen

I've made a huge mistake. Last month I purchased a bag from Samsonite Black Label in hopes of getting a good travel bag to accompany me on my trip to Norway this summer. But due to my lack of understanding of American sizing, I just received a small, somewhat overpriced carry-on that can not be returned. Don't get me wrong, I got a great deal on it (65% off) and the bag itself is beautiful. But at this time it's not practical and can't be justified on my non-existing salary.

So now I need to find a way to sell it forward...any takers?

17th of May the way it should be.

Sunday was the Norwegian Independence Day and in honor of this joyous occasion, we had friends over for a BBQ at my house. But the best part, I was able to put on my Khaki suit.

Unfortunately, I was not able to take a lot of pictures of me and my Prada. But I'm sure that there will be other days to celebrate my love of suits, especially this Khaki one.

Thank you everyone for being part of this great celebratory day.

Friday, May 15, 2009

East meets west.

Since we are on the topic of Asian fashion, I though I'd add my latest tote desire from Chinese label Shanghai Tang.

The luxury brand has created this wonderfully exciting tote bag, which uses its woven gray canvas to depict different happenings through Chinese history, from the Silk Road to the early 20’s. The tote is then finished in brown leather trims, brining together and exemplifying the connection between contemporary fashion and ancient Chinese art. The end result is fun, yet classy.

I love/want/desire this's Fashion Forward


Commes to me.

I just adore the Japanese label Commes de Garcones. Rei Kawakubo and her label, which has been around since the 70's, brings about a great deal of creativity to each individual piece. So much so that you can't help but call it art. Some have even labeled it ''toyish art.''

Whether her collection is about color or just blacks, I usually always find something that i just can't live without. Usually I would show you a few images from the 09' runway show to better illustrate those likes. But given the images have been out since January, I figured you've probably already seen them. So instead, I'm adding an image of a smaller little item that I have my eye on for a while, which has a higher probability of becoming mine. A red Commes de Garcones Wallet.
310x420310x420310x420You see, fashion can be fun.

Build a bike.

So I've mentioned before that I'm searching for a nice bike to ride around town with. The hard part is finding one that wont cost me a small fortune (because I'm not that big of a biker that I can justify it) and that is still stylish.

I bumped in to one of my neighbors yesterday and he told me about this great site called Here you can customize your bike with a wide rage of colors and sizes. You can give color to any part of the bike, doesn't matter it it's the chain or the handlebars. And if you don't want to color it yourself, they have a few set options to choose from. And the best part is that they cost $394 ($428 with shipping).

This is how I designed mine.

I want to justify it....can I?

I miss being Fashion Forward whenever I wanted to...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wrap me up with Burberry.

I've been waiting since January for Burberry to add this watch to their online store. And now it's finally here.

This triple wrap watch is one of those items that just stands out from the crowd, screaming for everyone attention. And rightfully so. The Swiss made movement, is a mix of modern design with the military edge. Making it not only every man's necessity item, but emanating confidence and urban style that we shouldn't be without.

Burberry multi leather wrap Watch for the urban Summer Dress

These watches come in two designs. One has a gold-plated case with a stone bridle leather wrap and the other has a antique palladium case with a dark brown bridle leather wrap.

You might not be able to use it with a suit (and you shouldn't) but it's an item that will be faithful to you all throughout the summer. Heck, it from the summer 09' collection.

I can't seem to get enough of watches, especially when it's so unique as this one...Can I have it?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eluxury + Sale = Fendi Contrast-Trim Blazer.

Eluxury is having an added 30% off on their current sale items. Check out this SS09 jacket from Fendi.

The blazer retails for $2110, but is you have $919 lying around it could be yours.

I just love the idea of this versatile blazer. I think you can pull it off with both jeans and dress trousers.

Fendi IS Fashion Forward!

Paul Smith does it again.

I just love Paul Smith, which shouldn't come as a surprise to those of you that know me. One of the reasons being, his bold use use of vibrant colors. And this new collaboration is not exception to his style and why my man love is so strong.
Paul Smith Jeans has collaborated with Oakley to release 4 new exclusive color ways of the iconic mid-1980’s classic, Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses. Each design is limited to 500 pieces and is ‘surf n skate’ inspired.
Not a bad way to accessorize with those swimming trucks of yours.

Happy anniversary to you both.

I saw this the other day but forgot to post it. hmmmmmm....

I've always enjoyed a good glass of Johnny Walker BL, and since 00o00 was so lucky to get the anniversary coca cola's from Selfridges, I though I would add to the Selfridges collaborations.
Johnnie Walker Black Label x Selfridges
Johnnie Walker Black Label x Selfridges
Given that both are celebrating their 100th anniversary, they have teamed up to produce a limited edition Johnnie Walker Black Label with a real leather label in Selfridges’ signature Pantone 109 yellow. The bottles are exclusive to Selfridges and there are only 100 bespoke bottles produced and retail for $150.

I wish I could get one...Anyone live in England?

Don't neglect the deals.

I've been really neglecting my fashion duties lately. Mainly because I've been spending a lot of time job hunting. However, I've still been keeping an eye out for deals. The main deal that caught my eye was the Want Les Essentiels bag found at blackbirdballard. It's 70% off.
Want Les Essentiels De Gaulle 14in. Everything BagWant Les Essentiels De Gaulle 14in. Everything Bag
Want Les Essentiels De Gaulle 14in. Everthing BagWant Les Essentiels De Gaulle 14in. Everthing Bag
I love the white bag. So please leave it for me...the grey one is better anyway;)

The bag usually retails for $1075, but us now only $322.99