Wednesday, July 1, 2009

landed in Norway...and summer can begin.

I finally arrived in Norway yesterday and can`t wait to suck in all its glory!

I will post as soon as I´m back from walking around the town and watching all the beautiful people we have.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Back from Las Vegas.
After 2 days in Vegas, I was taken back by the amount of sales and deals that major fashion houses were having. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take advantage of them. However, I did get some great pieces, but just not anywhere close to what I would have hoped.

My purchases include Theory, Oliver Peoples, Etro, and Zegna.
picture updates to come...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Did someone say Sping time in Milan?

With Milan's Spring 2010 Fashion Week coming to a close, looking back we can't help but bow to some of the amazing designers that strutted their stuff. And although I would love to show you all the designers that were featured, I think my top 3 should suffice. (If you want to look through all of them, they are featured everywhere on the "web of fashion")

Number one on my list is from Z Zegna. Alessandro Sartori brings a new-age twist to the classic, top hat and long-tailed look. And through his use of indigos and is lengthened silhouette, he has created this "street dandy" look that is nothing less that beautiful.

Number two on my list of outstanding collections this week is from Burberry Prorsum. I know, "it is such a 'copout' given the standing that Burberry has on the industry." And yes, you can't help but look through everything Burberry, but it was this "tailored, yet outdoorsy look" that caught my eye. See for yourself, Christopher Bailey has taken another step toward furthering his excellent resume.

We are seeing a very well tailored look, but with a slight "drop-crotch" trouser. Something that i have yet to get used to. Looks good on the runway though.


The last looks bring an added "lightness" that was missing from the first looks.

Finally, number three on my list is that of Prada. Who instead of focusing of your "typical" spring colors, is showing of an edgy, gray collection; inspired by black-and-white movies and big-city life.

I am really loving this lightweigh, layered look.

Now that's a professional looking briefcase!

No let's see if I can't get my hand on some of these pieces soon....

Also check out 00o00 for some inside info and images from this weeks Milan Fashion Week.


Sale,sale, and more OAK.

So you might have caught that OAK is having their three week 30/40/50% off sale and needless to say they have a great selection to choose from. Everything from J.Lindeberg and Acne, to Generic Man and Steve Alan.

There is just something about the casual, yet smart look that Band of Outsiders manages to put together. And this striped shirt is no exception. The shirt is currently on sale for $178.

Then there's the sweeds. They just know what looks good on a man. Take these striped shirts from J.Lindeberg ($73) and Acne ($69)
This short-sleeved shirt from Acne ($185) also holds a warm place in my hart... and want list.

And I wouldn't be doing this blog justice if I didn't feature some shoes. And the ones that I just can't stop looking at are these canvas shoes from Generic Man ($237).

The list goes on and I could do this forever... so I recommend that you check it out. Plus, I don't want to show you too many of the pieces that I like... you might just go out and buy something that I might want;)

However, from personal experience, I would recommend that you wait until next week to purchase. There's usually a great selection left even after the second and third week.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer is here...and I just can't help but bring you the deals.

Starting today, is starting their summer sale and taking 20% off storewide. This includes already reduced items.

Try this Moncler jacket on for size. It's now $405. Not bad for a jacket that was originally $1050.

There are some great deals to be found in their sale's selection. So hurry up and buy!

More sales...and it's Burberry.

The British power house is having a great online sale at their US site. Not only will you find a wide range of tartan printed pieces at discounted prices, but you might even get them at up to 60% off. That's a great price for a piece of fashion history.

Why not start by enjoying some of these fantastic scarves. This blue checked jacquard degrade scarf is now $205. While the gray summer scarf, which was also sported by earlier this summer, is now $395.
Scarves - CHECK JACQUARD DÉGRADÉ SCARF Scarves - SUMMER STRIPE SCARF[josh+hartnett+in+the+latest+burberry+check+for+spring+2009.jpg]
And why not shield yourself from all the terenchal downpour with these trench coats, which are now $649.
For a country that drives on the "wrong" side of the road, they sure know how to do fashion. Now all I'm waiting for is that their triple strapped watch comes on sale.

No shopping for me, but more sales for me to enjoy.

It's soooo hard to write about fashion when you can't do with it as you'd like. But I'm doing it one step at a time. And what better way to contemplate fashion than by finding sales some of your most favorite designers...

Currently you'll find that Acne is taking 40% for most of its collection.
Just love these lavender chinos, which are now $135.

or these blue shorts for $119.

The is also having a 50% sale. Which means that there are some great deals on shoes to be found.

Personally I WANT/NEED/LOVE these sandals from Etro ($245) and these shoes by Premiata ($414)

But my number one WANT is these suit by Etro. This brown marvel just makes me want to burn all other suits I have, just so that I can justify buying it..Just $930!!!

There is just something about the colors and patern that he uses that makes this label extraordinary. Nad it doesn't hurt that it's Italian!!

There are plenty more items to choose from, so start looking. It will go fast!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Better late than never.

So here I am...still without a job and having to hold back on my wants. Which in turn, has had me avoiding anything fashion. But in the end, I can't help but look around.

And why not start with some sales that are calling my has added some really nice pieces to its sales inventory, including Want les Essentiels, Superfine, and Shipley & Halmos.

Want les Essentiels, IPhone wallet: Sale price $105 (RTP $150)

DaVinci Bag: Sale price $1129 (RTP $1755)

Superfine, Trench Coat: Sale price $680 (RTP $1130)

Shipley & Halmos, Trench Coat: Sale price $294 (RTP $495)

Leather Jacket:Sale price $471 (RTP $785)

Another sale that I would recommend looking into would be Paul Smith's 30% off sale.
There is still a great selection of items and sizes and their shoes are always my favorite destination.

These boat shoes come in pink, white, and the blue featured below.
Sale price $280 (RTP $400)
$item.image.namePaul Smith Men's Shoes - Hashbury Boat Shoe

Another Paul Smith must have are these Quantel Loafers
Sale price $326 (RTP $465)
$item.image.namePaul Smith Men's Shoes - Quantel Loafer
or these Voltaire Anckle boots that I've ben drooling for since last year.
Sale price $322 (RTP $460)

And although there are many other sales, like those going at,, etc, I would recommend looking into. They don't realy have many good pieces, but they do have Tom Ford sunglasses at 50% off. Which is not easy to find and is a little prize in disguise.

Sale price $160 (RTP $320)

Let's just say that I need to be out working soon or I will DIE!