Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Better late than never.

So here I am...still without a job and having to hold back on my wants. Which in turn, has had me avoiding anything fashion. But in the end, I can't help but look around.

And why not start with some sales that are calling my name...Forwardforward.com has added some really nice pieces to its sales inventory, including Want les Essentiels, Superfine, and Shipley & Halmos.

Want les Essentiels, IPhone wallet: Sale price $105 (RTP $150)

DaVinci Bag: Sale price $1129 (RTP $1755)

Superfine, Trench Coat: Sale price $680 (RTP $1130)

Shipley & Halmos, Trench Coat: Sale price $294 (RTP $495)

Leather Jacket:Sale price $471 (RTP $785)

Another sale that I would recommend looking into would be Paul Smith's 30% off sale.
There is still a great selection of items and sizes and their shoes are always my favorite destination.

These boat shoes come in pink, white, and the blue featured below.
Sale price $280 (RTP $400)
$item.image.namePaul Smith Men's Shoes - Hashbury Boat Shoe

Another Paul Smith must have are these Quantel Loafers
Sale price $326 (RTP $465)
$item.image.namePaul Smith Men's Shoes - Quantel Loafer
or these Voltaire Anckle boots that I've ben drooling for since last year.
Sale price $322 (RTP $460)

And although there are many other sales, like those going at Barneys.com, Aloharag.com, Openingceremony.us etc, I would recommend looking into. They don't realy have many good pieces, but they do have Tom Ford sunglasses at 50% off. Which is not easy to find and is a little prize in disguise.

Sale price $160 (RTP $320)

Let's just say that I need to be out working soon or I will DIE!

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