Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Did someone say Sping time in Milan?

With Milan's Spring 2010 Fashion Week coming to a close, looking back we can't help but bow to some of the amazing designers that strutted their stuff. And although I would love to show you all the designers that were featured, I think my top 3 should suffice. (If you want to look through all of them, they are featured everywhere on the "web of fashion")

Number one on my list is from Z Zegna. Alessandro Sartori brings a new-age twist to the classic, top hat and long-tailed look. And through his use of indigos and is lengthened silhouette, he has created this "street dandy" look that is nothing less that beautiful.

Number two on my list of outstanding collections this week is from Burberry Prorsum. I know, "it is such a 'copout' given the standing that Burberry has on the industry." And yes, you can't help but look through everything Burberry, but it was this "tailored, yet outdoorsy look" that caught my eye. See for yourself, Christopher Bailey has taken another step toward furthering his excellent resume.

We are seeing a very well tailored look, but with a slight "drop-crotch" trouser. Something that i have yet to get used to. Looks good on the runway though.


The last looks bring an added "lightness" that was missing from the first looks.

Finally, number three on my list is that of Prada. Who instead of focusing of your "typical" spring colors, is showing of an edgy, gray collection; inspired by black-and-white movies and big-city life.

I am really loving this lightweigh, layered look.

Now that's a professional looking briefcase!

No let's see if I can't get my hand on some of these pieces soon....

Also check out 00o00 for some inside info and images from this weeks Milan Fashion Week.


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