Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sale,sale, and more SALE...at OAK.

So you might have caught that OAK is having their three week 30/40/50% off sale and needless to say they have a great selection to choose from. Everything from J.Lindeberg and Acne, to Generic Man and Steve Alan.

There is just something about the casual, yet smart look that Band of Outsiders manages to put together. And this striped shirt is no exception. The shirt is currently on sale for $178.

Then there's the sweeds. They just know what looks good on a man. Take these striped shirts from J.Lindeberg ($73) and Acne ($69)
This short-sleeved shirt from Acne ($185) also holds a warm place in my hart... and want list.

And I wouldn't be doing this blog justice if I didn't feature some shoes. And the ones that I just can't stop looking at are these canvas shoes from Generic Man ($237).

The list goes on and I could do this forever... so I recommend that you check it out. Plus, I don't want to show you too many of the pieces that I like... you might just go out and buy something that I might want;)

However, from personal experience, I would recommend that you wait until next week to purchase. There's usually a great selection left even after the second and third week.

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